Welcome to InsureHelp.com

We are a B2B aggregator of unique insurance products. Normally Consumers visit their local agency online. For the agent this could be a client or prospect. Added to the agents site is a link for unique insurance products

In this example a consumer would enter InsureHelp or any one of our marketing partners directly. A marketing partner could be an industry association that supports the product idea, or any vertical market that would benefit by our product line.

Lets Select a product on the left navigation bar - we'll click on exhibitor

The Exhibitor Insurance Information appears. Each product features a Product description, coverage's, features and optionally the rates or other important info.

Let us click on get an insurance quote to continue.

Basic contact is collected. Very simple and easy entry. Let's click continue when done.
A prompt for the state helps us verify if the product is available, and if so, which carriers offer it.
The application process for each product is simple and concise. Here is basic contact information.

The quote displays !

A prompt for selection of a broker/agent information appears automatically, The consumer gets a local agent with every policy !! We are fully supportive of the agency system and understand it's unique benefits to unique insurance.

The quote screen…

We ask some questions for client security. This allows for other future web features.

Payment information is gathered…..

Payment, Security and Policy information is displayed. The consumer may accept as is or click back to make changes.
Payment is verified online immediately

The application is collected, along with payment information.

If approved a policy, binder, or any proof of insurance can be displayed online.

This is truly insurance simply placed !!!

For additional information on adding products, or registering as a broker or carrier please call 800-994-2855 or complete the online forms