Consumers visit their local agency online. For the agent this could be a client or prospect. Added to the agents site is a link for unique insurance products

Selecting this link launches the InsureHelp selections within the agents site. This happens transparently to the consumer. This intelligent link reflects the product selections of the agent, who controls what products will appear on his site (based on availability)

Let us click on the exhibitor link…

The Exhibitor Insurance Information appears. Each product features a Product description, coverage's, features and optionally the rates or other important info.

Notice that on each page the agency name and logo appears.

Let us click on get an insurance quote to continue.

We collect some contact information before continuing.
The application process for each product is simple and concise.

The quote displays!

The full broker/agent information appears automatically (since this is within an agents site). If this was through an outside marketing effort a drop down list would appear requiring the consumer to select an agent.

We ask some questions for client security. This allows for other web features.

Payment information is gathered…..

Client information is verified to the consumer allowing for last minute changes or confirmation that they would like to apply for this coverage.

The payment information is verified immediately….

The application is collected, along with payment information.

If approved a policy, binder, or any proof of insurance can be displayed online.

This is truly insurance simply placed !!!

For additional information on adding products, or registering as a broker or carrier please call 800-994-2855 or complete the online forms