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Does my Product Qualify for InsureHelp ?
InsureHelp is designed to help the insurance buyer inquire about unique insurance products online through their local agents and brokers. Whether its fine wine collections, event insurance, or simply dental insurance we have built this system with ease of use, and maximum service. If you have a Unique insurance product that fits our criteria we should chat.

Our Mission:
The InsureHelp mission is simple. We want to bring unique insurance products to agents, who otherwise would not have the time or marketing focus to embrace on a daily basis.

Typical Products: These products are often "easily" rated (although not a requirement) and not usually the "bread and butter" lines of business to an agent. For example your product may be currently purchased through a brochure, or you may already have a website that does rating, or even generate an application.


Does this mean that everything you do is "simple" ? No. We are open to ALL unique products, no matter how intricate, or complicated from a rating or issuance standpoint. We have built custom applications, some that run only on the specific product partners website.

Is Everything Done Online ? Optimally this product is rated, and applied for online through the local agent. However we may "slow" down the efficiency to meet each Partners comfort level. We are configured today to take your product online from application, rating, payment, and issuance. Post sale endorsement, client inquiry and support is also available. We also know that some products may not be ready to do all of this today.

I already have a website and some applications or rating ? Great, this means that your are already on the right path. We find that more time is spent educating agents, or managing philosophical issues, than technical ones. Let us help you go farther. Many of our products started that way. Remember there is no additional expense incurred on all approved products.

Can We Add This To Our Own Site ? Sure. Many clients use InsureHelp to power the products on their site as well. Even if they started a different way, they like the improved control of a truly robust system that runs behind the scenes without the large capital investment.

Do we have to offer this through Agents and Brokers ? We offer the benefit of the local agent as the distribution channel. If your are an agent who owns a product and is hesitant about "opening it up" to outside agents please call us. Many of our more successful brokers started this way.

Are all the products on your site ? No. The Product Partners control how, and where their products appear. Additionally products "in testing" will not appear on the site. They may appear only on a local agents site while in testing.

How do I find out more ? By completing the inquiry form here, you will be contacted by the product specialist who is best able to answer your questions.
You may also call 800-994-2855 x 330 (or) 845-986-4475.

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Getting Started
Step 1: Simply register - select the register button on this page

What does this mean: You will be contacted by a product specialist who knows

1. If your product qualifies.
2. What it will take to bring it on our network
3. The types of additional exposure and market share you may expect
4. If qualified, the time period to go live state

800-994-2855 or 845-986-4475 x330


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