More About Corporate Intranet Registration

Add InsureHelp to your company intranet.

Insurehelp is designed to help your staff purchase unique insurance products online through local agents and brokers. We designed this click and mortar world with your individual needs in mind. Whether its fine wine collections, or simply dental insurance we have built this system with ease of use, and maximum service.

Getting Started
How do we get started ?: Simply register - select the register button
What does this mean ?: You will be provided a link to insurehelp for the product(s) specified.
How Is This Used By Our Staff ? When employees for your company are using your intranet they can:

1. Click a link to select an insurance product
2. Complete the information
3. Get a quote
4. Purchase the insurance
5. Select the local broker they want to service their account
6. Unique member password

Is this for my company ?
: InsureHelp provides content and value to your site. If you are looking for more quality content for your corporate intranet we may be able to help you.

Is there any cost for the link or content ? : No. This is a value added benefit for your company.

Will InsureHelp pay us for the link ? We consider each co-brand arrangement unique and will judge each relationship on its own merits. Our Affiliate Program may be better suited to a "sponsored" link.

Will you customize the look and feel to our company site ? YES. InsureHelp allows you to edit the colors, and look / feel of the pages that appear within your site.

Is this just online ? :No, InsureHelp provides content and value on and offline. Local agents around the country are available by phone, and in person.

Contacting Us - You may also call 800-994-2855 x 330 (or) 845-986-4475


To learn more about InsureHelp Click Here

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