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InsureHelp is designed to help the consumer purchase unique insurance products online through their local agents and brokers. We designed this click and mortar world with your agency needs in mind. Whether its fine wine collections, event insurance, or simply dental insurance we have built this system with ease of use, and maximum service. Read below to find out more about how you can increase agency sales and provide a valuable service to prospects and clients.

Getting Started - It's Free
How Do We Get Started ? Simply pre-register - select the button on this page.

How does the registration process work ?

1. We review your preregistration and slot you in according to the demands of your area and product availability. If you are willing to "test" products as a beta agency, please be sure to contact us after your registration has gone through.
2. You provide a copy of your license, and a signed brokerage agreement.
3. We provide a link to the product(s) specified. Remember you choose what will appear in your site and you can always turn on or off any product at any time (subject to availability).

4. You Place this link on your site, and you are ready to roll ....

What A Prospect / Client Sees
When consumers and business clients or prospects visit your site they can:
1. Click a link to select the coverage.
2. Complete the information
3. Get a quote
4. Purchase the insurance
5. You are assigned as the broker they want to service their account
6. Plus ! - we drive more clients to you through outside marketing efforts !!

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Broker FAQ's

Why do this? InsureHelp provides content and value to your site. We also drive new business to your agency through outside marketing efforts. Since acquisition costs for this new business are minimal you can support the business profitably.

Is there any cost?
We provide this a no cost to your agency. We are compensated by the carrier or wholesaler involved on each transaction.

Do I earn commissions?
Yes, each product pays a commission to justify the service and support. We will create an EFT transfer for your commission payments, further reducing your expenses. Online reports provide valuable production information.

How do we service the clients ? InsureHelp provides online access to the client data. Additionally you can "extract" this data into most marketing, and any agency management system that has an import feature. Online reports also provide valuable policy information. Additionally clients may be able to access the data, and request changes online. Online service is subject to line of business and availability.

Are the clients mine ?
Yes, you are free to contact them to review other insurance needs. Essentially you are writing this business, just more efficiently then ever before.

Will InsureHelp sell home and auto ?
: We have no current plans to sell products that compete with your main lines of business. We can however provide your agency with auto and home quote request pages online that match the other products. There is no charges for registered active brokers.

This seems too simple ?
It does at that, just think how much planning had to go into InsureHelp to make it function this easily.

Who owns InsureHelp ? InsureHelp is owned by individuals from a number of insurance agencies throughout the country. We understand the day to day activities of an agency and staff. This is why we created InsureHelp. We know how much potential there is in these types of products, and what needs to be done to sell them efficiently in your office.

Is this just online ? No, InsureHelp provides content and value on and off-line. Local agents around the country can interact with their clients by phone, and in person; then contact insurehelp.

I have some great products to add to InsureHelp - how does this work ? We are looking for great niche products, and simple products often neglected in day to day insurance sales. Please contact us directly at 800-994-2855 or 845-986-4475 x330 and discuss your product with us.

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